Event: Love Asia Evening and Supper

6:30pm – Saturday 15thSeptember 2018
Castle Hill Baptist Church
13 Showground Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154


Come and enjoy a complimentary supper.



Dr Jonathan James

Rev David Lee

About Rev David Lee

Rev David Lee is a director of AEFI’s partner agency Christian Communications as well as our Asia College of Ministry (ACOM) China Director. Rev Lee was born in Hong King but now resides in Singapore.

The Church in China has grown rapidly but with this blessing has come increasing false teachings – the most destructive one being the Eastern Lightning Cult (the ELC).  The ELC promotes the so-called “female Christ”, denies basic bible doctrines and is morally corrupt.

AEFI has sensed that the desperate need today is to train pastors and the next generation of Christian leaders in the biblical and historic doctrines of the Scripture through our Asia College of Ministry (ACOM).

ACOM in China under Rev David Lee has two campuses in Jiangsu and Yunnan.

A free will offering will be taken to serve Asia with the Gospel.


By Monday 10thSeptember

Lindsay Casey: kcengg@tpg.com.au  0408 480 931

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