A fledgling, Indigenous Mission agency (with mission branches in Malaysia, Indonesia and India etc.)

As the vision and mission of MEF expanded to Malaysia, India and Indonesia, the name of the fellowship was changed to Asia Evangelistic Fellowship (AEF). AEF donor branches were established in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. The first AEF International conference of Directors was held in 1980 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Tamil Bible Institute was established in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) in 1977.

The Lawang Training Centre was established in Lawang, East Java, Indonesia in 1981 and the Singapore School of Missions and Evangelism (SOME) was established in 1982.

This was also the era when significant and strategic conferences were organised such as:

Overseas Indian Congress on Evangelism (OICOE) in 1978 and the Conference of National Evangelists (CONE) in 1985. In 1987 AEF India was challenged, with the help of AEF Singapore to organise an India-wide Conference of National Evangelists (CONE) in Bombay, India.

By the end of this era mission bases were established in Hong Kong, Philippines, Nepal and Burma (Myanmar).

Another significant event was the Love UK mission with Dr G D James and 10 other Asian evangelists who undertook a month-long campaign in the UK.

The leadership mantle fell on Dr James’ son Jonathan in 1989 when he assumed the twin roles of Director for AEF Singapore and AEF International.

AEF Singapore and AEF International operations were separated with AEF Singapore focussing on outreach to migrant workers. An AEF Regional Director (for South Asia) was named in the person of Bro. K J Joseph.