Harvest Asia Newsletter June 2021

Beloved friends of AEFI,

Despite the ravages of Covid-19 and political turmoil in some countries, the work of AEF International goes on, so take heart as you read the latest news from Myanmar and Cambodia and commit them to prayer .

Thank you for your faithfulness and support of this unique ministry of nationals supporting nationals.

May the Lord richly bless you,

Jonathan James
Executive President
June 2021

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Harvest Asia Newsletter March 2021

Beloved friends of AEFI,

May the Lord bless you with precious water from His deep wells as we prepare for Easter.

Be encouraged as you read about the fruitful ministries carried out in Nepal, Malaysia, and the Philippines. And pray for AEFI — as we face major challenges from countries closing the doors to foreign funding and, the opportunities for the Gospel to progress with new workers needing support in two other countries.

With every blessing in our Lord,

Jonathan James

Executive President

March 2021

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Christmas Blessings 2020

AEFI’s national workers in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines
and Singapore wish to thank you for your continued prayers and support for their work in their
respective countries.
Your support is changing the lives of many people, giving them hope and a future in so many ways.