Training the next generation of leaders in Kalimantan, Indonesia

By Pastor Matt Hall, ACOM lecturer

IMG_20160216_123947361_HDRThe Asia College of Ministry (ACOM) centre in Kalimantan, Indonesia, is the newest addition to the growing ACOM schools run by AEF International. Some 20 pastors and ministry workers attended the recent training in February 2016.



For those who attended, it was a challenge to study the book of Exodus. For most of them, part of the challenge was to travel on very poor roads by motor bike for up to 6-8 hours to attend the ACOM training sesIMG_20160218_134938658_HDRsions.

IMG_20160218_134956263_HDREqually for some, they had to dig into their limited funds to make the journey to reach remote Sanjan, therefore making it almost impossible for them to contribute towards their training costs. The ACOM students are ministering in village contexts supported by congregations who are predominately subsistence farmers. Very few of those attending the training sessions are able to be sustained on their present stipend.

The response to the ACOM training in Kalimantan is very positive and there is huge potential to grow this ministry amongst more pastors and indigenous missionaries and ministers. AEF International would not want to see the lack of financial support as a barrier to any Pastor or Minister continuing with their studies. We have set up a fund to support Pastors and those training for other fields of ministry such as missionary work. For instance, for just over $30 AUD an individual pastor would be supported for one of the quarterly training sessions. It would cover their food, accommodation and other practical costs which would release them to concentrate on their travel costs to attend the training. Recently one church has responded by agreeing to sponsor three pastors for each of the quarterly training intensives which on current costs is an annual amount of $AUD 360.

IMG_20160217_080722093_HDRWith further prayer and financial support AEF International greatly desires to help equip more pastors, ministry workers and indigenous Christian missionaries to continue to reach the Dayak people of Kalimantan with the gospel.