Prayer Network

The most important and sometimes overlooked resource for any Christian organisation. We ask that you consider adding the work of AEF International to your daily prayers.

Some prayer points for your consideration:

  1. For a smooth transition over 2019-2020 as Dr Jonathan James hands over the leadership of AEF International to Pastor Matt Hall who was appointed as the International Executive Director from August 2018 (See September 2018 newsletter)
  2. Give earnest consideration and prayer to leaving a spiritual legacy to support  the ongoing work of AEF (See letter from Dr Jonathan James A Spiritual Legacy
  3. For the recently opened ACOM training centre in Kalimantan (Indonesia) and ongoing training of pastors in Yogyakarta (Java)
  4. For the Solid Rock hospital in Cambodia seeking funding of $230,000 AUD to address the severe shortage of trained nurses by establishing a Nursing School
  5. The growth of the work in China, particularly through the equipping of young leaders in the southern province of Yunan through a one-year program in basic Bible knowledge
  6. Reaching out to the various people groups in India through the Divya Destiny tabloid that presents the Gospel in a way that can be understood  by traditional people groups
  7. The expansion of Project Timothy in the Philippines, a ministry designed to train pastors and other church leaders to be better equipped to disciple their congregations
  8. The continued expansion of self-sustainability agriculture and aquaculture programs in many of the fields as a means of raising income for ongoing work
  9. Health and safety of the 200 AEFI workers and their families living in the ten Asian countries
  10. More prayer topics can be found in the online newsletters under the Resources menu