The Internet and the Google Age

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Edited by Dr Jonathan James

The book commemorates the 25th Anniversary of the Internet in March 2014 and celebrates the achievements and benefits while also pointing out the limitations and perils of the Internet. Edited by Dr Jonathan James, the book identifies the broad characteristics of the Internet age, and includes several studies that outline the educational benefits of the Internet and social media platforms like Facebook which connect families in the diaspora. The Internet and the Google Age also looks at the place of faith and religion on the Internet. It describes how life in our digital world is both exciting and challenging. An excellent introduction to Internet Studies, the book predicts that life will become more and more digitalized and how the current demarcation between private and public spheres, home and office, human and non humans (robots) will become less and less apparent as the Internet becomes more interwoven into our lives.



Paperback Book

Edited by Dr Jonathan James

Published 2014
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